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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A week of a little of this and a little of that

Steve told me Monday that he thought this would be a week we would look back on and say, "What a week!" I think he was right (as if there was any doubt that my wise husband would ever be wrong)! :) A little fever, vomiting, sewing, schooling, birthday partying, exhaustion, and contractions. That was the quick version; here is the long version.

At the end of last week Hannah and Sarah started showing some signs of "things to come". We dragged Hannah out shopping Friday night to pick out material and a pattern for their Easter dresses, but it was obvious she wasn't feeling well. She slept most of the day on Saturday, and Sarah was coughing and feeling run-down as well. Sunday morning everyone seemed to be doing okay until we got to church. Ruth was very clingy and Esther told me during the service that she didn't feel well. Ahh, sharing our germs once again with our church family.

Anyway, I stayed home from the Superbowl party Sunday night, we canceled Noah's party on Monday, I missed church on Wed and Thursday night, and I still have one that vomitted this morning and is in bed right now, so I'm not sure I'll be out much next week either.

On the bright side, because I stayed home so much this week, I was able to make a big dent in my sewing projects. I made two practice dresses (because I did some major "alterations" with the patterns) and got four of the Easter dresses for the girls finished. I still have Esther's dress and my dress to make, but I'm out of material (ah, that's why I'm blogging). I have more on order, but it hasn't come in yet.

I just finished up the school planning for next week, although I have two students that are right now trying to finish up this week's school. I really need to go do some major house cleaning because I've been taking it slow this week . . .oh yes, I forgot to mention that Monday night I was up with contractions much of the night. Steve had me time them from 9 to 10 am, and I had nine in that hour, but they weren't regular or even in intensity . . .just enough to thoroughly wear me out. So, with my taking it easy and kids being too sick to get chores done . . .well, you will just have to use your imagination, but I'm betting you can picture what a house with nine people looks like after a week like this!

I'm also hoping to make some valentines with the kids and make some Valentine cookies at some point today. Hmmm, don't know if I should go ahead and make noodles for Noah's party we rescheduled for Tuesday or not. I'm thinking it isn't going to happen. We need to get it in sometime next week though because we are having Hannah's birthday on the 25th because I didn't want to wait until too close to my due date.

LOL! This all reminds me of a post I read years ago from a mom with lots of kids that had a daughter getting married. Some of the younger kids were sick in the days leading up to the wedding. I thought that would just be horrible and I couldn't imagine myself in that situation. I can very well imagine what that would be like now! The Lord has changed me a lot over the years (having a tribe of kids helps with that). I don't think I would even be phased too much by that anymore. The Lord is sovereign, and I trust Him through sickness and health!

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  1. Should I say that I "loved" reading this, when it described such a difficult week (but the Lord shines through it all in your "written" countenance)?? ;) Hope it works out that you can post a picture of all of the dresses!