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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trouble with the law

This past week our internet has been acting up, so I haven't been able to do much on facebook. I'm sure this isn't a problem for some people, and I wouldn't say I have an addiction or anything, but it is one of my few sources of continued sanity in my life. So, what I have been doing is going to the library parking lot at the only time I have free . . . after the kids are in bed around 9:30 -10 pm. Unfortunately, the library parking lot lights go off around 9:45, so I'm left sitting in a dark parking lot in my black van. Creepy! Well, I discovered that a church 1/2 mile away has internet and night lighting near the building, so last night I pulled in there I was only there a few minutes when a gentleman pulled up and circled around to ask if everything was okay. I was sufficiently spooked and planning to go home as soon as I finished an e-mail. Just as I sent the e-mail, a truck (probably the one that talked to me) came around the church shining a spot light on the building. It occured to me that he probably thought I was the one waiting to drive the excape vehicle (ya know, big black van). Before I had time to think, a police car, with light going, pulled into the lot. I thought it was over for me! :) However, he pulled over to the spotlight truck and talked to him. At that point I figured I should stay in case he wanted to talk to me. I didn't want any police chase on my hands. Well, the officer started pulling out of the lot, so I quickly followed him. Sheesh!!! I guess my late night internet runs are over!

Tomorrow is Nathan's birthday party. We are trying to make a pinata right now of a chess pawn. How hard can it be, right? I haven't exactly planned how I'm going to do the chess board cake, but it isn't like I'll be cleaning the house and teaching five kids tomorrow! :)

Tuesday is election day, which means inspector Steve will be hard at work at the polls. It will certainly be a long day for both of us!

Somewhere in the week we need to complete our International projects for the International / History Night on Saturday. Hannah choose Egypt, so no problem coming up with stuff for that. Steve even visited Egypt on his Holy Land trip, so he has some pictures for her. But Sarah choose Togo. The library has 0 books about Togo in the kids section and none that I want her reading from the adult section either. Praise the Lord for the world wide web!

Friday night is KASH leadership meeting at our house. You all know the house will still be clean from the party Monday night, right?! LOL! Actually, it won't be clean Tuesday morning.

I finished weaning Ruth last week. It was probably harder on me than on her. Some kids are just really attached nursers, but Ruth was ready to quit. The last time I nursed her she was playing on the floor. She didn't come the first time I asked her, but she finally looked at me and smiled and came. I could almost read her expression as, "Well, I don't really need this mom, but if it makes you feel better . . . ".

I probably ought to head back home and make sure the house is still standing! I wanted to use the daylight hours while Steve was home to come to the library.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thinking about dating

Last night we started a small group using "Family Driven Faith" by Voddie Bachaum. A topic of discussion we touched on that has been on my mind today was about dating. One thing he said (and it will be a rough paraphrase because I don't know where our book is right now) was that dating before one is ready for marriage is like going shopping without money. The shopper will either leave frustrated or take something that isn't his. Steve said something last night about our girls getting close to "that" age and I just about snorted (okay, maybe I did snort), but really, thinking of how quickly the last 13 years have gone, four or five years isn't that far away, I guess.

Now, I, of all people, truly understand that no two children are alike, and each one will be "ready for marriage" at a different rate, but general ballpark here, when are people ready for marriage today?

I have to say that Steve and I dated for almost four years and I really wish that we hadn't. I wish that we had either gotten married two years sooner or that we hadn't started dating for another two years. I just read "Shadow of the Almighty" and the Jim and Elizabeth Elliot relationship was a wonderful example of waiting!

I guess I'm just curious about what other like-minded (conservative, sheltering, Bible-believing / teaching) parents think about this. I had a sister that got married after her sophomore year of college and was still able to complete her degree, but I do think that is rare. And her husband dropped out to support them during that time and never completed a degree. Not that I think my kids HAVE to go to college, by the way, but I certainly think it is beneficial, especially for a male (in the looming financially disaterous future in our country) that is Biblically commanded to provide for a family.

So, if I put all of my thoughts together, I would say, if my son were to really desire a college education, I would recommend not dating until the last few years of college. Of course, he will be an adult and able to make that decision himself, but I guess that would be what I would have to recommend and teach toward. Now, as far as my daughters . . . I tend to think their situations are much more up in the air! I was 21 when I got married, but I'm sure the outcome would have been the same had I gotten married at 19.

Anyway, I've spent way to much time pondering with my fingers, but I'd welcome any comments from my faithful blog readers! Especially you with older kids that have dealt with this or those of you that are pondering the same things right now!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall frenzy

I know it has been forever since I've blogged (dramatic exaggeration learned from living with a 12.5 year old girl). I've blogged about 20 times in my mind, but getting to the computer hasn't been easy lately. I wish I could just recap the last few weeks since vacation, but that would just be impossible and really, really boring. So, I guess I'll just start with today and work back until I get interrupted.

Today I woke up still very tired from the day yesterday (yeah, so maybe working backwards won't work so well). The house was in the post-bomb state from last night, but of course you don't know about that yet. :) After church a lady came up and asked me what I needed for the "Olympian thing". I thought she was asking about something for Wed. and I was totally confused. Turns out (and you pastor's wives will really appreciate this) we were having a meeting at our house today that Steve has kinda forgotten about (so I'd never heard about it). Praise the Lord, Steve suggested when they planned the meeting that they not make me cook lunch. Anyway, I raced home with the girls and did a mad clean up of the downstairs, minus my room which NEVER gets cleaned in those situations. :( Another blessing was that Kathy Miller, a former pastor / missionary wife was the first to arrive and helped me finish up my dishes. That is a good friend when you don't feel bad letting them help you with the dishes.

Yesterday was our crazy day! Sarah left early in the morning for a choir "thing" in Lafayette. Steve dropped her off, fed a relatives cat, checked on a part for our broken washer (more on that later), and picked up some milk for us. I stayed home and made four dozen cinnamon rolls and finished packaging all our goodies for the bake sale. I ended up taking cupcakes, carmel corn, and cinnamon rolls. Steve went to church to work while I took Nathan and Esther to help set up for the barn dance. My good friend was doing the concession stand, so I took a good amount of roasters, crockpots, etc. In the afternoon I crazily made the decision to finish some crochet work I had started for the craft sale instead of cleaning up all the bake sale mess . . . because, after-all, there is always Sunday to clean that up. :) So, in the afternoon, Steve went to Sarah's concert, and I headed back to the barn to get ready. The barn dance turned out pretty well and I couldn't believe how quickly I sold all my bake sale items. I think it has a lot to do with the wonderful friends God has put in my life that were gracious enough to buy all my goodies. Around 11 we got news that Hannah's volleyball team has come in second place in the state tournament! Very exciting for all of us!

Friday. . . seems like a really long time ago! Oh yes, the washer! As I'm sure you can all imagine, we run our washing machine a few times a day, usually. Friday afternoon it started acting up. We have had infant socks get into the pump three times already, so we figured that was the problem. This was while I was making carmel corn, cupcakes and supper, of course. I helped Steve tear it all apart. Turn out there was no sock, but we did find a quarter, two nickles, six pennies, a charm, a token and a few keys in the trap to the pump. We put it all back together, and it still didn't work. Take two and we found a piece of Lincoln Log in the pump. Put it all back together and it worked (yipee), but it leaked all over the place. Not as bad as the dishwasher leaking into the basement on Monday, but a pretty good mess.
Well, I have a wee one crying at my side. But for everyone that wonders what goes on in those large families, now you have a bit of a picture. The Lord's sustaining grace is needed every day! Trying to mold our children in godliness, survive the thrills of homeownership, allow each child to develop their God given talents and interests . . . no rest for the weary body here on earth, but I'm looking forward to rest in heaven!