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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trouble with the law

This past week our internet has been acting up, so I haven't been able to do much on facebook. I'm sure this isn't a problem for some people, and I wouldn't say I have an addiction or anything, but it is one of my few sources of continued sanity in my life. So, what I have been doing is going to the library parking lot at the only time I have free . . . after the kids are in bed around 9:30 -10 pm. Unfortunately, the library parking lot lights go off around 9:45, so I'm left sitting in a dark parking lot in my black van. Creepy! Well, I discovered that a church 1/2 mile away has internet and night lighting near the building, so last night I pulled in there I was only there a few minutes when a gentleman pulled up and circled around to ask if everything was okay. I was sufficiently spooked and planning to go home as soon as I finished an e-mail. Just as I sent the e-mail, a truck (probably the one that talked to me) came around the church shining a spot light on the building. It occured to me that he probably thought I was the one waiting to drive the excape vehicle (ya know, big black van). Before I had time to think, a police car, with light going, pulled into the lot. I thought it was over for me! :) However, he pulled over to the spotlight truck and talked to him. At that point I figured I should stay in case he wanted to talk to me. I didn't want any police chase on my hands. Well, the officer started pulling out of the lot, so I quickly followed him. Sheesh!!! I guess my late night internet runs are over!

Tomorrow is Nathan's birthday party. We are trying to make a pinata right now of a chess pawn. How hard can it be, right? I haven't exactly planned how I'm going to do the chess board cake, but it isn't like I'll be cleaning the house and teaching five kids tomorrow! :)

Tuesday is election day, which means inspector Steve will be hard at work at the polls. It will certainly be a long day for both of us!

Somewhere in the week we need to complete our International projects for the International / History Night on Saturday. Hannah choose Egypt, so no problem coming up with stuff for that. Steve even visited Egypt on his Holy Land trip, so he has some pictures for her. But Sarah choose Togo. The library has 0 books about Togo in the kids section and none that I want her reading from the adult section either. Praise the Lord for the world wide web!

Friday night is KASH leadership meeting at our house. You all know the house will still be clean from the party Monday night, right?! LOL! Actually, it won't be clean Tuesday morning.

I finished weaning Ruth last week. It was probably harder on me than on her. Some kids are just really attached nursers, but Ruth was ready to quit. The last time I nursed her she was playing on the floor. She didn't come the first time I asked her, but she finally looked at me and smiled and came. I could almost read her expression as, "Well, I don't really need this mom, but if it makes you feel better . . . ".

I probably ought to head back home and make sure the house is still standing! I wanted to use the daylight hours while Steve was home to come to the library.

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