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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The good old summer time!

This is a picture of Steve and Nathan working on a truss for the deck. S

teve wanted to get a tarp roof on before our Memorial Day picnic. We also added a tether ball post to the back yard for this year's picnic. Steve really enjoys having people over. I'm glad I have a husband that is "given to hospitality".

Before summer gets underway completely, I'm trying to get a major clothes sorting project done. I've had donated and outgrown/unwanted clothes starting to make a huge pile in my attic. I've had a really hard time finding time to tackle this project, but I'm hoping to finish the girls pile tonight. I've already had kids destroy my stacks twice, so I need to finish up before it happens again.

Right now I'm sitting on my beautiful deck watching the kids play on the swingset and eat freezer pops. I'm so glad it is summer! It is nice to have their energy bouncing off the grass instead of the walls in my house.

I've been thinking about a Bible study for myself for the summer. I know most Bible study groups take off the summer, but it seems to be the time when I'm a little more flexible (as flexible as a mom with 8 kids can be, I guess). I asked Steve today if he would just give us homework from Bible study at church, but I'm not sure he was going for that idea. I know I should just make the decision to study something on my own, but I thought the accountablility in a group Bible study would be really good for me right now.

Well, I know this will shock you, but some of the kids are complaining about a sibling, so I better go play mom.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Steve is having a marathon reading session with the kids tonight, and Mary is asleep. Wierd . . . very, very wierd to type with two hands. :)

We officially have five days of school left, but Hannah asked me to make out assignment sheets for the last five days so she can work ahead. She is a bit jealous that some schools are finished and she isn't yet. Of course, Esther has already been working on her third grade books since the day they arrived in the mail. I think she may have her mother's "overachiever" gene . . . none of the other kids seem to have that quite yet.

For those of you curious about the cruise debate in the Gollner home (and I will say Steve was quite amused at the conversation it stirred up on facebook), Steve did not book the cruise he was looking at, but he is still looking. I do feel better about having mixed emotions about the whole thing, because there sure were a lot of opinions on the issue. Steve read the comments and concluded that more people suggested that we go . . . funny, because I thought for sure more were saying not to go. :) He also gave anyone in full-time Christian ministry more voting power (I'm sure you can guess how those people voted). We also received more money back from taxes than we (meaning a one flesh "we" - I only sign the papers when Steve is done) were expecting, so of course Steve said that could be interpreted as a sign from God. :) So, I have no idea what he will decide, but I'll be okay with it either way.

I am happy to say that we have been more than a week in our house without any pulled muscles, fever, nerve problems, infections, vomitting, or any other mysterious illnesses! It has been at least a few months since I could say that! Of course, I did yard work today, so I may not be able to say that tomorrow.

I started running again a few weeks ago, but Steve grounded me from running because I had a mysterious sharp pain near my incision site. I think I may try to run again this week. The kids start Coyote Kids on Thursday, so maybe I can run then. The oldest four kids will be running the mile. I think I could keep up with Nathan and Sarah, but I'm not so sure about Esther and Hannah. My little Noah is running a half mile, and I know for sure I couldn't keep up with him! Taylor may want to look into allowing homeschoolers to play sports so he can run track for them. :) Josh and Ruth are both running little races too,but mostly just for the treat at the end!

It is 4-H season around here, so we are eating lots of good yeast rolls and chocolate pound cakes. Yum! Not what I need to lose all my pregnancy weight, so I really need to get back to running!

I have been thinking a lot this year about one of my main goals in homeschooling. I don't know that I have ever heard anyone say this before, but I hope to help my children have good marriages by homeschooling them. I've been thinking through some actions I want to take toward that goal. The pastor that spoke at the graduation tonight stated a statistic something like 90% of what you accomplish in the future depends on who you will marry. This would be a good time to say how thankful I am for my husband! I'm so thankful that he loves the Lord, me and our children.

Speaking of . . . I think he is done reading to the kids, so I better post!