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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well, I'm going to try and remember what we have done so far, but it will be hard! We left pretty early Thursday morning and drove most of the day to a state park in New York. My aunt, uncle and three cousins met us there since they were also headed to Word of Life. The park had a really neat waterfall that we hiked to the next morning. We all headed out after that and drove to the Word of Life family campground. It was really nice (for my New England friend that might be interested in that fact). We went to a rodeo Friday night and picked up Hannah and Sarah on Saturday morning. I was hoping to look around the campus a bit, but I never got around to doing that.
We packed up, dressed up for church, and left Sunday morning. We usually have no trouble finding a church when we do that, but this day was different! Well, I guess we did find a church, but we ended up leaving before we went into the sanctuary. Good thing nobody saw us! We did see another church as well, but it was also not one we wanted to try. :) We were driving through rain and heavy trafic all day, so we changed our plans and found a state park beween Philly and NYC. It turned out to be a "not so high in demand" state park. I think we were the only ones for a night or so, which is really neat for the kids. I don't have to worry about them disturbing the peace!
We went to Philly on both Monday and Tuesday. Monday we saw Independence Hall, etc. Tuesday we saw the mint and the Betsy Ross home. Wednesday we took the big trip into NYC. We drove to Staton Island and took the ferry into Manhattan. First we just walked around the city to see some sights (stock exchange, trinity church, gound zero). Then we got on the subway and went to Time Square. People . . . lots and lots of people! We found a McD's in Time Square and ate on the second floor (the kids were very excited - about the second floor, that is).
Thursday we headed to a long beach island (north of Atlantic City). The sand fleas are driving Steve nuts, so I think we will be leaving tomorrow. :)
I better go because the kids are back and ready to go swimming.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Packing break

I know, I know! The last thing I should be doing two days before vacation is taking time to blog, but really, packing is going pretty well, considering what I have to work with. :) It is my poor husband that has a list a mile long that we should all feel sorry for. Three weeks of bulletins, car repairs, trailer repairs, yard work . . .

I was just reminded last night of how the Lord often grants us special desires that aren't really even needs, so I thought I should share. A few days ago, I mentioned to Steve that I really was hungry for a steak. Now, Steve is a big steak eater (I'm sure you are all shocked), but I don't usually get hungry for a steak, so it was a bit out of character for me. Anyway, last night a friend dropped by with her father. Steve had helped them out a few weeks ago and he brought by a gift for Steve. A big box of steaks. So, Steve and I had steak after the kids were in bed last night. Noah was still up when I was cooking them, and he told me he wanted soem of "that" on vacation. LOL! No daddy and mommy hamburgers for you!

A friend of mine mentioned on facebook last week that she was watching MacGuyver on the internet. That got me to thinking about the shows I used to watch as a kid, so last night I also dug out a TV movie my grandpa had taped for me years ago: The Eight is Enough Family Reunion. I had forgotten that I really liked that show when I was a kid. Ah, memories.

So, now I have to decide if I want to do more packing and cleaning, or if I want to read the new World magazine that Steve brought home. Ah, there is always tomorrow to finish packing! :) Of course, tomorrow I will be making the rice crispie treats and muddy buddies because if I make them today, they will be gone by Thursday (and that is even without Hannah and Sarah here).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation Prep, etc.

I just got back from my shopping trip to get ready for vacation. I always feel like a terrible parent when I do my vacation shopping. :) If anyone looks at my purchases and sees all the cereal, crackers, etc., I'm sure they think my kids are the most unhealthy kids around. It was a little hard since I just had the four little kids with me. It is actually easier when I have all seven then when I just have the little ones.
I have been trying to pack just one or two things a day to get ready. I've packed the matching shirt tote, the medical kit, DVD collection, swim bag and started on the food boxes. Packing our food always reminds me of the story of the time the Duggar family pulled away for a vacation, but couldn't go very far because the weight of the food wouldn't let the vehicle go over 25 mph or something like that. It is nothing short of amazing to see how much food my kids can consume when we are traveling . . . especially snack food that they don't normally get.

Yesterday morning the girls left for New York. They have both been very excited! I'm hoping they get some very positive spiritual influence this week! However, it has occured to me that my girls are not at the same spot spiritually that a lot of 7th grade girls are at. I told Steve that they need chapel lessons on being hard workers and trusting parents. I'm not really crazy about the "boy crazy" atmosphere they may be exposed to, and I'm wondering how I will reteach this issue when they get home.

Tomorrow is the funeral for our friend and fellow homeschool mom, Dana. Noah is really having a hard time understanding how their son, Owen is going to manage without a mommy. He is asking if Rhonda (Dana's best friend) will be Owen's mom now. This makes twice this year that they have had a friend from church lose their mom. Sarah wanted to lay in my room for a while the night Dana died, and I thought that was an okay request! Please pray for the family as they adjust to their new life.

I finally got the first week of school pretty much planned. Uggg! I was really shocked when I started going through Noah's books. He has been doing some of his work without me! I may have to buy some first grade books around Christmas time. Of course, being made to do school is totally different than picking up the books when HE WANTS TO! LOL!

My friend Bobbi had her eighth child (at home) last night. She is now evened up with four boys and four girls.

Okay, boys are chasing each other with swords, so I better go.