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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation Prep, etc.

I just got back from my shopping trip to get ready for vacation. I always feel like a terrible parent when I do my vacation shopping. :) If anyone looks at my purchases and sees all the cereal, crackers, etc., I'm sure they think my kids are the most unhealthy kids around. It was a little hard since I just had the four little kids with me. It is actually easier when I have all seven then when I just have the little ones.
I have been trying to pack just one or two things a day to get ready. I've packed the matching shirt tote, the medical kit, DVD collection, swim bag and started on the food boxes. Packing our food always reminds me of the story of the time the Duggar family pulled away for a vacation, but couldn't go very far because the weight of the food wouldn't let the vehicle go over 25 mph or something like that. It is nothing short of amazing to see how much food my kids can consume when we are traveling . . . especially snack food that they don't normally get.

Yesterday morning the girls left for New York. They have both been very excited! I'm hoping they get some very positive spiritual influence this week! However, it has occured to me that my girls are not at the same spot spiritually that a lot of 7th grade girls are at. I told Steve that they need chapel lessons on being hard workers and trusting parents. I'm not really crazy about the "boy crazy" atmosphere they may be exposed to, and I'm wondering how I will reteach this issue when they get home.

Tomorrow is the funeral for our friend and fellow homeschool mom, Dana. Noah is really having a hard time understanding how their son, Owen is going to manage without a mommy. He is asking if Rhonda (Dana's best friend) will be Owen's mom now. This makes twice this year that they have had a friend from church lose their mom. Sarah wanted to lay in my room for a while the night Dana died, and I thought that was an okay request! Please pray for the family as they adjust to their new life.

I finally got the first week of school pretty much planned. Uggg! I was really shocked when I started going through Noah's books. He has been doing some of his work without me! I may have to buy some first grade books around Christmas time. Of course, being made to do school is totally different than picking up the books when HE WANTS TO! LOL!

My friend Bobbi had her eighth child (at home) last night. She is now evened up with four boys and four girls.

Okay, boys are chasing each other with swords, so I better go.

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