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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The saga of my recovery

I had a visit with my OB today, and I think we got good news. I've been thinking for a few days that my gall bladder has been giving me trouble, but her diagnoses was much simpler. She said that my pain was too close to the surface to be appendix or gall bladder, etc. I have quite a bit of bruising (okay, that is putting it mildly, I look like I was a punching bag - as a nurser told me, "They aren't quite as careful with the stretchers in an emergency c-section.") that is very near the pain site. She explained that the inner incision actually extends further than the outer incision, and she believes there could be a pool of blood where I have my pain. She encouraged me to continue on the pain meds. She got me there. I haven't taken any pain meds for about three days. It is true that I can sit up better and move around better when I take them, but I just HATE taking medicine. She also recommended otc meds for the diarrhea I've had since being at the hospital. She did mention c-diff (don't even know if that is how it is written out), but I'm not even going to think that quite yet. So, the diagnosis was good, but I'm still not sure why I would have had my "attack" Saturday night that rendered me immobile for about 30 minutes because of what amounts to a bruise. But we will go with what she said (which means Steve will be feeding me my pills for a few days), and hope I heal in the next few days while the kids are gone. But I'm afraid if I have another "attack", Steve will be hauling me to the ER in a hurry this time. Now, on to a much happier topic: Baby Mary! I've been telling people for years that Hannah was such a good baby, but I didn't fully appreciate her since she was my first. Well, Mary is turning out to be a very good baby, and let me just tell you that I fully appreciate her!! I'm sure the Lord knew how little I would feel like caring for a fussy baby those first few days! She is a very loved and much held little girl. We were on the couch the other day when Ruth heard Mary make a noise in my room. Ruth jumped off the couch and said, "Hold baby, hold baby." She knows you have to be quick if you want to hold the baby around here. My mom was pretty excited when the kids left yesterday because now she only has to fight with me over holding Mary. Well, the little princess is starting to stir . . . thank you all for your prayers for us!

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  1. I was so excited to find out you have a blog today! It made my day. Several at our house are sickie again, so it's nice to know we're not alone in our trials. :)

    I hope you continue to heal. I'll be praying for you.