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Saturday, June 18, 2011

In honor of Father's Day

Esther (my eight year old) had a funny yesterday that I thought Steve would really appreciate it in light of his special day coming up tomorrow. It reminds me of a T-shirt my friend Chad wears that has D.A.D.D. across the front (dads against daughters dating).

We (my girls and two of their friends) were hanging out last night. One of the friends explained that a boy had said some inappropriate things to the other girl yesterday, so they couldn't be friends anymore. Esther asked if he said the "D" word. Now, we really shelter our kids, so I'm sure Esther doesn't even know what the real "D" word is, so I asked her what she meant, but she didn't even want to say it out loud. So, I started guessing what "D" word would be so awful in her mind and asked if it was divorce. She shook her head and finally squeaked out "Date". What a sweeheart! At least we know she is safe around boys for a little while. You mention that "date" word and you are gone!

I'm so grateful for the wonderful husband I have, and for the great father that my children have! I hope he has a very special day tomorrow!

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