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Sunday, July 31, 2011

4-H (a little delayed)

I really can't believe that it has been almost a month since 4-H season, and I'm just now posting about it. I have tried a few times, but the computer wasn't cooperating. As an introduction I'll just say that I love 4-H because it forces me to teach the kids things that I probably wouldn't otherwise teach them, but it does make for a chaotic week when things get turned in! This year I told Steve we were just going for completion, not champion, but I guess I have a hard time with that because we pushed forward and most things turned out pretty well.

1. shooting sports (archery) - safety poster = blue ribbon
2. make with a mix - totally minty chocolate pound cake *this is a project I made Hannah take because she doesn't enjoy most anything domestic = grand champion and trophy

1. shooting sports (archery) - safety poster = grand champion and is currently at the state fair
2. foods - yeast rolls = blue (although Nathan claims they deserve a champion)

1. shooting sports (rifle) - safety poster = honor
2. woodworking - napkin holder = blue
3. garden - we only had a head of broccoli for him to exhibit = grand champion

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