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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well, here it is New Year's Day, and I haven't really thought of a lot I want to work on this year other than the same old, same old.  I guess I'm just worn out trying to accomplish what I do accomplish, so adding more just might put me over the edge.  :)  There are a few things I've been pondering, but I haven't put a lot of thought into them quite yet.  Maybe I'll work on that this week . . .

1.  Our family joined the Roadrunners this year, so I would like to run a few races with the family once I get back in shape.  I've once again gained a lot of weight with this pregnancy (probably 60 pounds by the end), so it will take a while to get things "running" smoothly again.  I'd like to run a race under 27 min, but I'm not sure if that is realistic for this year. 

2.  I want to teach the kids a passage of scripture between now and the start of the Bible Bee memorization in June.  I'll have to think more on which passage to work on.

3.  I want to pick up a Kay Arthur inductive Bible study for myself.  Anyone want to join me (and make sure I do it for myself)?

4.  Hannah has expressed an interest in sewing again, but I haven't taken the time to work with her.  This year I need to either take time to sew with her, or get her hooked up with someone to sew with her.  I also want Hannah and Sarah both to be able to cook four or five meals on their own before March.  Oh, wow!  That is 8 weeks from now . . . hummm, I think that will start this week!  :)

5.  I do have a lot of things I would like to happen for this birth, but I fully realize they are often out of my hands!  I REALLY don't want to labor at the hospital for hours on end!  However, I also don't really want to have the baby on the way to the hospital, so I'm praying for wisdom about when to leave for the hospital. 

Well, things are demanding my attention around the house.  I'm thankful for another year the Lord has given me to serve Him!

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