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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A day I just have to blog about

Some days I go so hard all day, that my mind is still going a mile a minute when bedtime rolls around. So here I sit with my blogger therapist trying to relax. :)

Today started with five little monkeys more than a little anxious to play in the fresh fallen snow. So we bundled them up and let them go at it. Ruth was extremely cute (as if there was any doubt about that) in her first real experience playing in the snow. I took a few pictures, but not too many as I was already trying to multitask.

I also tried to do some house cleaning, laundry (you know, the usual four loads or so for a Saturday), school planning for next week, and finishing up the Christmas letter.

We ate an early lunch and headed to downtown Kokomo for the festivities (Hannah babysat Ruth, and Nathan was helping Steve at church, so I only had four kids). Sarah's choir was singing, but we also got to see Santa come on the train and make a neat craft at the Pointy Pencil. I even ran into my cousin Annie, and we got to chat for a while while Esther played with her (what would it be, third) cousin. Then I took a deep breath and took the four kids Christmas shopping. While at the Care and Share store, I put myself in contention for mother of the year. They had a chocolate fountain, so I bought it. The kids went crazy over one they saw at an open house last spring.

When we got home I started getting ready for our dinner in front of the tree, one of the few traditions I guess that we have. I also made a few batches of fudge and some buckeyes, and figured out the chocolate fountain. :)

After dinner, clean-up and bathes, the kids and I watched a Christmas movie. It was the first movie I'd sat and watched in a LONG time, but I have another hat I'm crocheting, so it worked out well. Oh, I also made four dozen cinnamon rolls during the movie (for church tomorrow), so I guess I didn't see it all.

Finally, we read I Thessalonians together and sent the kids to bed. Now I'm doing some online Christmas shopping and finishing up this hat. So, if I can just get the adrenaline out of my system, I think I'll sleep well tonight!

I'm looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow!

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  1. You're amazing. You really motivate me when I sit down to relax at the computer because I don't want to do anything around the house. Then, I read your blog and I guess I better get up and start working again:)! Hope you are feeling well.