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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year

Well, it is just that time once again. Time for a new start. Time to think about goals for the new year. Here are a few things I / we are going to try to accomplish.
1. The family is reading through the New Testament together this year. Seems a bit whimpy after reading the whole Bible last year, but this way we can work on other things as well.
2. Memorize the book of Ephesians with the kids. I only got through about two or three verses before our Christmas break from school, but I really want to try to memorize two or three verses a week.
3. Well, this will have to wait a few months, but I'm really determined to get in shape after the baby is born and run a 5K. I've wanted to do the Raptor Run at the Creation Museum for several years now, so maybe this will be the year!
4. I have got to do a better job of grading Hannah and Sarah's books! I grade as I go with the three little ones, but I am way too far behind on the older girls' work!
5. I'm trying to think of how I can incorporate an exercise program into our day (PACL memories abound- for my Cedarville friends). I haven't really figured out how I will find time for it yet!

That's all I've really thought of so far. There are always a million other things I would like to do, but these are the most important to me.

Steve started the new year by finishing up the financial books from 2010. Once again I'm grateful I don't have that headache! It wasn't a banner year for our budget, nor for my food portion of the budget. In fact, something about the color red was mentioned for the first time in our marriage, but I didn't ask too many questions. Steve and I were listening to the radio the other day and learned that the government doesn't consider food or fuel when they determine inflation. However, unlike the federal government, food for our nine hungry mouths and fuel for our two full sized vans are making quite an impact on our budget. We are continuing to test Steve's ability to stretch our dollars! But I have all the confidence in the world in my budget king husband!

Steve took me out tonight to use a Christmas gift card for Ruby Tuesday. I almost laughed when they brought the A-1 and ketchup in little silver cups. Uh, where is the bottle? I had to pretend like I belonged there. But hey, I didn't pass out, and I really enjoyed the meal! A good way to start the new year, and we still have two gift cards left. Yes, I got one for Steve, so it was a selfish gift. However, I've determined that we (meaning each other) are really the only hobby each of us has, so I thought it was a rational decision.

This afternoon I did the school planning for next week. Friday we should be half-way through the school year. Taking three weeks off for when the baby arrives, we should finish up June 3rd. Then the summer craziness begins! Funny how quickly the calendar fills up!

Well, tomorrow I'm teaching Sunday School and Children's Worship, so I really should go prepare. No special music though (I got a music book with accompaniment CD for Christmas, and I already tried it out last week). May the Lord guide you as you seek to serve Him throughout the next year!

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  1. I love you Angie! I really enjoy you and your family so much, and isn't that crazy, because we never really hang out. Just wanted to let you know that all the gifts Mike has ever received from me, actually serve me more than they do him:) I think maybe I'm a little selfish when it comes to gifts too..hee hee! If you need someone to come over and watch the kids while you guys go and have a date with one of your cards please give me a call! I'd love to interview all your children so they can give me lot's of ideas for our family! (Don't you just wish you could be a family of 9 without people always bugging you about being a family of 9). Hopefully, I don't bug you too much! You just truly inspire me! Have a great week.