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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I really try not to do this too often because I think it may overwhelm some dear friends, but I've had such a good day, and I'm just so thankful for the strength the Lord gives me to complete tasks that I want to share.

My day included these activities:
1. Getting seven of the kids ready for church (Steve always takes one of the olders out at 7:00am)
2. Teaching Sunday School
3. Worship service - almost got to sit through the whole sermon before Mary got chatty
4. Lunch and nap (short one)!
5. Running 3.1 miles - next Sat. is my race at the Creation Museum. I keep thinking that I ran 2.5 in high school in the 18-19 min range, so 25 min should be realistic. But the true reality is 20 years, 20 pounds and 8 kids in 13 years may make that UNrealistic.
6. Making supper for the youth group.
7. Making coloring sheets of China for Esther's International Night project (I'm just including that to see the "shock and awe" I get from my KASH friends.
8. Making a skirt with Esther (all but putting the elastic in the waistband because I don't have any).
9. Now I'm blogging . . . something I've wanted to do for months, but just haven't had a chance.

Now, here is a funny that I know I've already shared with several of you, but it just cracks me up every time I think of it! I have felt the last few weeks (well, since the start of school), that I'm running constantly and just not able to get everything done. This really isn't a new thing for me to feel; I have bouts of this quite often. But recently, it has just been every day for six weeks now. One day last week I had rushed around getting supper for Steve and the kids to take with them to a volleyball game and choir. After they left I was rushing around trying to get dishes ready for a Mom's Night Out that I had. As I often do when I'm rushing like that, I ask myself what I could eliminate in my life and why I'm so busy. I was going through the list of activities we are in compared to last fall. We had two girls playing volleyball last year as well, Steve was working on the construction at church last year (yes, it is the project that never ends), I'm doing a high school class with the girls, but it doesn't take much more time than 7th grade math did, I'm running, but I've compensated for that time by cutting back on facebook. So, I was going through all of this in my head while rushing to get out the door, and I bent over and picked up Mary in her carseat . . . Ever have one of those lightbulb moments?! :) Okay, I may be a semi-professional mom by now, but having a baby in the house still takes time! LOL! Just nursing her takes an hour of my day. And there we have it! The reason I just can't seem to get it all done this year . . .and that is why I was so glad to check a few things off my "need to do" list today.

Well, Odyssey is over, so I need to go do Bible reading with the family!
BTW: Serene Lim, I have NOT forgotten about your request! Some day I will write that blog just for you!

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  1. Angie, you absolutely always bring a smile to my face. If you ever it worth my time to blog...IT IS! Because it's always a blessing to me. And I usually end up always reading to Mike too!