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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A day in the life . . .

I can't imagine this will be very exciting for most people, unless the "large family" is something you find fascinating. I have an online friend that asked me months ago how we do what we do, and I figured this would be the best way to do that, just writing down my schedule. So, consider yourself warned if you are just here browsing! :)

7am - wake up call. I usually try to get a few of my chores done (I'll list those later) before I start breakfast around 7:40 or so. They rest of the kids work on their chores. I make breakfast on the weekdays; we usually have pancakes or waffles but sometimes cinnamon rolls, monkey bread, french toast, biscuits and gravy, or (my newest find) homemade hot pockets.

8am - breakfast / Bible reading by daddy - we catch up on our through the Bible reading or read from Proverbs

8:20 - Steve teaches geography to Hannah and Sarah. The rest of the kids diligently work on chores (hope that didn't sound TOO sarcastic).

8:45 - I nurse Mary and usually she goes to sleep (I just cry if she doesn't, jk, she joins us for school if she doesn't)

9:00 - School starts. I start with Bible memorization with all the kids (we are finally getting to the end of Eph. 2 - yes, I was hoping to memorize the whole book of Eph. this year, but it looks to be more of a two or three year project at our pace) as well as character study and catechism work.

I start individual schooling with Noah then work my way up through the kids. I usually only get about half way done with Nathan before it is time for lunch.

12:00 lunch - Steve makes it home most days, although his schedule is very erratic, so nothing is for sure around here.

1:00 naps - Yes, I'm a die hard nap momma! I've found that my kids require much more discipline in the evenings when they don't get naps. Early bed is not really an option with our schedule, so I'm serious about naps. I nurse Mary first, then read to Ruth and Josh. If Noah is too noisy, I even make him come in for nap time. The older kids can work on chores or do school work.

Whenever the young ones go to sleep! - more school. I try to work with Hannah and Sarah by this time, but they really end up doing most of their work on their own. I spend time on Spelling and Algebra mostly.

4:00-4:30 - I try to start supper around this time, but it all depends on the activities of the day.

Weekly activities (for this sports season anyway):

Monday: piano, volleyball

Tuesday: choir

Wednesday: flute, Word of Life clubs

Thursday: piano, volleyball

My chores:

1. I'm in charge of the baby.

2. I cook all of the meals, although lunch is usually leftovers or something very simple. I do a lot of from scratch cooking, which means I'm going through about 20 pounds of flour a week at this point.

3. I clean up the breakfast mess.

4. I put away all of my clothes as well as Steve's clothes.

Monday: laundry day - I do three or four loads of laundry

Okay, Steve is home, so I'll just have to continue another time. Don't hold your breath! :)

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