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Sunday, October 7, 2012

We  have about five neighbor kids here this afternoon, so the afternoon nap isn't happening today.  :)  Steve is watching Hannah and Sarah's Abeka History lessons.  Yeah, not my favorite pastime.  They are really good videos, but I'm very happy to be done with school!!

I went to put a ticker on my blog counting down to the due date, but I think I will just wait until after the ultrasound on Thursday.  Steve is really hoping there are two babies, and he is having a good time talking about it (constantly) and teasing me just a bit.

I had the official "battle of the wills" with Mary this week.  I was really surprised how quickly her will was broken.  In reflection, I've realized it is really hard to gauge a child's strength of will.  I remember the battle with Ruth when she was about 18 months.  I absolutely couldn't believe how long she held out in her stubbornness.  She is my fairly quiet, thumb-sucking child.  Then there is my Mary that is just simply (as my Grandma Alexander would have said) a fart in a skillet.  I'm really not opposed to having children with strength of will; I'm rather in favor of it.  However, I am very much opposed to having stubborn children!  The trick is teaching / learning who to submit to in life. 

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  1. Wait??? There's another baby coming... EEEKKK :-) I've missed out!