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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring and Summer

Okay . . . I guess it has been quite a while since I blogged because this is a completely new format!

I once heard a mother with lots of kids say that with each new kid she had to let go of something to make extra time in her life.  I think blogging has been the thing that I've let go lately.  I don't think my blogs are really encouraging to anyone, but then I find myself reading the blogs of moms with more children than I have (now that is amazing to think about, isn't it), and just seeing how the Lord sustains them in everyday life is a real encouragement to me.  So, here is what is going on in Gollnerworld this spring/summer and how the Lord is sustaining me in my everyday life.

School is finally (for the most part . . . I tried to throw some 4-H project into the school formula, and it didn't go so well) out.  It just seemed like a very long year.  I schooled all through my mono in November and December, and the realization that I just don't have enough hours to keep on top of schooling all five the way Steve and I want them to be taught, it all just seemed to make the year really hard.  We looked into several options for school next year for our high school girls, and ended up enrolling them in the Abeka video school.  I felt terrible asking Steve to pay for that, because it means extra time on the mortgage, but I couldn't figure out how to stretch myself as much as would be needed next year (mainly with Spanish, Biology and Algebra).  But, a godly education for our kids is something we are willing to sacrifice a lot for, and we now have the budget to prove it!  :)

The most amazing thing that has happened this spring is that Steve has started running.  He still hates it, but he is doing it.  Hannah, Nathan and I are doing the Trojan Trot next Saturday.  I was really hoping to hit my 27-28 minute "New Years Goal" for the race, but I'm just not keeping up a 9 minute mile pace for all three miles yet.  Maybe by the end of the summer!  My college roomie is planning to run a 5K with me in August, so maybe I will be in better shape by then.  I really like running with the family.  Most of the little kids just play in the middle of the track with minimal running, but we have always been very family centered, so this fits us well.  Much better than dragging seven kids to the ballpark 20 times a season to watch one sibling play games, in my opinion.

This is our last week of babysitting.  It has been fun having a few more boys in the house (did I really say that).  It wasn't something I really searched out doing, but it has worked out really well for our family.  I've had other babysitting experiences that just didn't work out so well.  The boys have been good playmates for my little ones.

Well, time to go make some dishes for our Singspiration tonight.  I love my church, and I love eating with my church family!!

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