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Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 so far

Update on my goal to go as long as I could into the new year before spending money: Well, I made it 13 days before Steve had to pick up some groceries for me. :( That sounds pathetic to me, since I used to go three weeks between shopping trips, but the amount of food that this family goes through is somewhat unbelievable at times! We haven't made any more grocery runs since then, but while making breakfast for church this morning I used up my butter and brown sugar and I'm down to one egg. I've learned to make cream of chicken and mushroom soup, enchilada sauce and I can grind wheat or use powdered milk, but I'm lost on the egg and butter thing! On a positive note, I really like the pecan rolls I made this morning. Hmm, that would answer everyones question about how I'm doing about cutting back on my sugar intake, eh?!

For my praying friends, I'd like to ask special prayer for my little Noah's behavior. Now, I don't want you to think the poor guy is a monster. Quite the contrary, he is a very loving little guy, and I think most people would see him as mostly obedient. I'll take a little pause in the story to say, I think homeschooling is the best way to disciple ones children. You can argue about the education they are getting or whatever else, but really, to spend all day, every day, with ones child is, in my mind, the best way to teach them all I want them to learn. However . . . it is exhausting work!
Noah has an interesting character. He is super smart, super active, and like all the Gollner boys, super stubborn. I guess I should just make a long story short and say that I really need to focus on following through with his obedience. For example: I took a toy away from him yesterday because he did not obey me the first time I asked (good for me, I'm often too lazy to follow through with doing that), but when I walked out of the room I heard him say, "That's okay, I know where she hides my toys." *sigh* So that is the kind of thing I need to deal with. The follow-up on the follow-up punishment! I know he is only six, but I firmly believe the Lord lays particular children on my heart at particular times because of specific sins I need to deal with in their hearts. I felt really burdened for Hannah and Sarah about a year ago. I am really burdened right now for Nathan and Noah, but I'm sending Nathan to Steve for some one-on-one study now. That leaves me with Noah, so please pray! :)

Well, I've been thinking of things for days that I wanted to blog about, but now my mind is empty. I guess I'll just say that our family is doing well so far this year. Algebra was a struggle for a while, but since they are only 8th grade, and Sarah is only 12, I have time to re-do the whole year. Noah is getting close to completing his first grade books. Reading is starting to click with him, but he still has a hard time sitting in one place for the 10 minutes I require him to read each day. He likes to read, but his little body just can't stay in a chair. One day he ended up on my desk while he was reading. I told him to get down, and I really think he was surprised to see that he had climbed up there. I can't help but think of all the kids I had when I was subbing 14 years ago that I couldn't understand because they couldn't stay in one place for more than a minute. :) I sure hope his energy holds out so he can use it for the glory of God some day.
Miss Mary is growing way too quickly. I saw her take two steps backwards tonight! Really? I don't think 10 month old babies are allowed to do that yet. My mom always said I never walked, I just started running. That is pretty much my Mary!
Speaking of Mary, I've been on here a long time. I better go check in with her!

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  1. That is funny that Mary is walking backwards and my Grace is days away from 15 months and not walking at all! I loved this statement about dealing with the sin in their hearts. That is so encouraging to keep training and disciplining to chase that sin away!