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Thursday, May 27, 2010

School is out, school is out!

This tired teacher officially "let the monkeys out" today!! Hoping for a good summer to regroup before starting in with FIVE students next year (oh my).

I've had the urge to blog for a few weeks now, but life has just been too exciting! Well, today I'm indulging (and yes, chocolate chip cookies and blogging are about the extent of my indulging in life) . . . at least until Ruth wakes from her nap.

This by far has been the school year I was most ready to end! Out of the four students, only one is a really self-motivated student, so I seem to spend most of my time motivating kids to do what they don't want to do. I just think that if I were homeschooled as a child, I probably would have finished my year in March or April. But, I recognize God's distribution of personality traits varies greatly even among family members, so I accept His sovereignty in this area, but that doesn't mean I don't get frustrated at times!

The next thing to conqueror are the 10 4-H projects the girls are in. I have a sweet friend from church that is crocheting with Sarah. I think she would have exhibited something very small if it weren't for my friend Joyce. There is another lady from church that has helped them with their sewing. The garden was doing well until a rabbit got in this week. Urrrr! We have a fence around the garden, but not all the kids are very good about getting the gate closed every time . . . and a rabbit can do a lot of damage in one visit.

Right after the fair, we will be heading to Twin Lakes Camp. The kids already have a paper chain to count down the days. Steve will be the camp pastor and Nathan will be the only official camper. The rest of us will just be tag-a-longs. Hannah and Sarah will be attending camp in August . . . junior high camp?!!! I'm not sure what happened to my little girls, but I have these two pre-teens living in my house now!

We are also looking forward to a visit in July from one of my Cedarville roomies. This is the friend that we met in D.C. last summer. It is a real blessing to have "friends for life" like that.

The most exciting thing that has happened this week has been putting the baby pool up on the deck. You would have thought we had invested in a water park in our back yard. It has been very nice, and I'm once again thankful for a husband that can build me nice things. I have two little boys crashed out on my bed right now due to the hard pool play they had this morning. That right there is almost worth the money we invested in the deck! :) I was doing paperwork on my bed this morning when Ruth opened my screen door, walked to the pool and climbed in, wearing her regular clothes, of course. So, I think if one can do that, they lose their baby status (and no, that wasn't a hint at anything).

Well, I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about sitting in a chair for more than ten minutes. I'm sure I can find something to clean if I look really hard (joke).

I love summer!

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