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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I realize that my blogs jump topics almost as much as Noah jumps off the furniture at our house (which is very frequently if you don't know Noah). This week we went to the wedding of Steve's brother, and I've been thinking of something ever since then. I guess it would make a good Bible study project if I get some free time.
At the wedding there were many wishes for a happy marriage. So I've been thinking on exactly what makes a happy marriage. Steve thought it was just exhaustion when I brought it up the night we got home from the wedding, but I've really been meditating on it a lot lately. I guess it comes a little from my belief that happiness isn't really required to stay in a marriage, because I'm more concerned about pleasing God, but I think the Bible does talk about happiness.
The verses I've thought of off the top of my head would be "happy is the man who has his quiver full of children" and the idea of "rejoicing" with the wife of ones youth (an intimate conotation for sure). I know there are other verses about happiness or joyfulness, but none that I thought of dealt specifically with marriage. Surely both of the above mentioned verses would fit our marriage, but I'm sure that isn't how most people would judge marital happiness.

So, ironically, Steve and I had a disagreement at the end of this week about a significant issue. Not that we fought about it . . . we don't fight. I just submit, but sometimes these things make me very sad. But I would still label us as having a very happy marriage. I'm sure a lot of women would get bitter submitting to their husbands, making an unhappy marriage for sure (like the contentious woman in Proverbs). I know a lot of happiness has to do with ones thought life, but I think there is more to it than that.

Anyway, just something I'm pondering. I know I dwell on things like this a lot because of my parents pending divorce. I just want to teach my children to think correctly about these things, so I need to sort them out in my own mind first.

Tomorrow we have church, a birthday party for Ruth's friend Gwendolyn, then youth group at our house in the evening. Monday morning we leave for Twin Lakes Camp. We should be home Saturday, just in time to get ready for my Cedarville roommies arrival (with her hubby and four boys, of course). We are very much looking forward to everything that is coming up!

Hope you are enjoying the summer. Those leaves will start changing and falling before we know it!

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