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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The new pop-up has passed the test! We took the family over to my sister's house for a few days and it worked really well. Not only did we use the AC, but we even turned on the furnace at night. We had a good time with Cassy, Mindy and their families. I probably gained a few pounds, but that is just what happens on vacation!

Last week I received Hannah and Sarah's standardized test results in the mail. It is really a bittersweet thing for us. Hannah has made dramatic improvements in her reading, but she is still struggling greatly. She tests like a ninth grader in math and a fourth grader in language. Which means she has improved two grade levels in two years in reading, but certainly not overcoming like we had hoped. What to do? Several weeks ago I contacted the tutor I would like to use for her, but the fees are more than we spend on food (for our family of nine) each week. I just don't know how much money we want to sink into tutoring. There is always the option of my getting licensed at the dyslexia institute, but that would take forever with my schedule I'm sure.
Then there is Sarah with her gift of language. :) She actually didn't test too much higher than average on most of her math, but she excels with all things involving language . . . well, except spelling, but that's the gene pool she is stuck with for spelling, I'm afraid.

This is 4-H week for Hannah and Sarah. Almost everything is done, and I'm just ready to turn it all in and have it over!

I'm reading a good book by Voddie Baucham Jr. right now called "What He Must Be. . . if he wants to marry my daughter." Good book! It was actually a gift to Steve from a man at church, but I'm glad he shares with me!

I guess I should go make a cake for the party at the J's tonight. We are having a Singspiration then heading to Tipton to watch the fireworks. I'm so grateful for the country I live in!

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