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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The try-athlon is over! I'm starting to tick summer activities off the list. This week we are hoping to finish up some 4-H projects before the July 4th weekend! If we get the pop-up, we want to go camp with my sisters for a few nights. The kids are looking forward to seeing their cousins more than I can explain. We only see the Grayless family once or twice a year, so it means a lot!
When we get back it will be the week to take projects to the fair and Steve's brother's wedding. Then we head to Twin Lakes Camp the week after that. When we get back, my friend from Cedarville will be here for a week. I'm trying to think of neat things to do around Kokomo if anyone has any ideas. She has already seen the Steer and the Stump, so what more does Kokomo have to offer? LOL! After that week, it is pretty much a blur, but I know Esther goes to camp and Hannah and Sarah go to camp. In mid August Hannah and Sarah are also heading to Word of Life Camp in NY. We will pick them up and start our vacation from there. There is just never a dull moment around here!
The mudding at church is going pretty well, and I'm hoping I can get out and prime the walls in the next few weeks.
Well, I better go get supper for the kids since it is 7:00 pm. Noah just came in with a bowl of cereal. Shame on me!

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