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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Asking for pre-teen girl advice from Titus 2 friends

I've got something on my heart right now that I'm going to ask for help with from all my conservative friends. Hannah turned 12 in March and is really growing up. Over the past few months I've noticed some slight attitude changes that I've really been thinking about. I call it the "woe is me" attitude.

I'm not really sure where she has picked up some of her ideas, but I want to deal with them swiftly and Biblically, and I would really like some books to use with her if anyone has some ideas. I guess her biggest complaint has been that she thinks she has to work too hard. I do admit that she has a lot of chores. She is also taking piano lessons and she practices 25 minutes a day, and I still ask that she practice her flute ten minutes a day. I'm trying to teach her to have a servants heart and to work hard. I really believe that laziness is a sin that is easy to slip into, and I don't think the teenage years are an excuse to be lazy. I think if she would work hard, she would have a lot more free time. She mentioned the other day when she was doing a chore for Steve that she thought he should do it himself.

I guess in summary, I've decided that my living a life of submission as a helper to my husband hasn't exactly shown her the biblical role of a wife as I had hoped. I've decided I need to be more thorough in my teaching with her to show her God's design in this area. I have several books already that I can start with (Lies Young Women Believe and A Young Woman After God's Own Heart), but I would really appreciate any other sources that would help me teach these issues.

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  1. Sweet Angie,

    You are such a wonderful woman and mom. I had no idea you had a blog, but I'm loving it. I obviousely don't have a teenager, but I encourage you to stay encouraged, stay consistent and patient even when it seems like it's not working. You could not set a better example for your children. I have read Jasmine Baucham's blog a few times, she's in college and blogs about the joy of homemaking. There are a lot of other blogs and links under the kindred spirits button on her page too. It might be good for Hannah to read those from someone who was just in her shoes. I'm not sure,,,just an idea. Verse for the day:) Prov. 14:23.

    Praying for you!