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Friday, June 18, 2010

Is it really almost July? Sure, the buy one, get five free fireworks signs are all over Kokomo, but didn't school JUST get out? Uggg! I think I need five months of summer!

Tonight we finished up Nathan's baseball season. He really seemed to enjoy it, but right now we are thinking it may be his last year in baseball. Of course, we thought that last year too. :)

Next Saturday is the Try-athlon for Hannah and Esther. I've been trying to get a little training in with them, which just isn't an easy thing around here. Hannah will do just fine, but I'm a little concerned about Esther's swimming. Esther was the second girl in the half mile at Coyote Kids last week, and she can bike forever, so we just have to get that swimming down!

This week we took the kids to First Landmark Baptist Church's VBS. We don't do VBS at our church anymore, so it is always fun for the kids to go to VBS. Of course, they all got to see their friends too.

This just happened to be the week that the cherries were ripe on the trees too. So early in the week I made two cherry pies and a lemon meringue. They lasted all of two hours. I tried it again a few days ago and the same thing happened. I'm planning to make some for Father's Day, but I guess I won't make them until the kids are in bed on Saturday night or Steve might not get any.

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