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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The get-away

I used to be such a planner . . . I guess seven kids changes things! Steve and I were talking about Hannah and Sarah late Thursday night. I mentioned how I just wished I could take them away and talk to them for a night. I was almost shocked when he said he thought that was a good idea. This is the same man that would just rather go set up the pop-up in February when I was eight months pregnant instead of go to a hotel (although he did end up taking me to a hotel then . . . and Olive Garden with the fire trucks, etc.). He booked a hotel for us and we spent the night talking and doing a little booklet I put together. I'm really hoping it will be a good investment in that the girls should have a better idea now of what we expect and why we believe some of the things we do.

I don't have much time because Steve asked that I go mud at church for a while. He is really ready to get this mudding and sanding and priming and painting done (none of which he does, by the way, LOL).

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