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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to finish those projects!

I've given the girls one week to get their 4-H projects finished. Do I think it will happen? Not really! Especially since they have a Spanish final tomorrow and the try-athlon on Saturday. Right now they are all sitting in front of Steve's new laptop watching National Treasure though. What's a mom to do? Stay up late the night before the fair, I guess! :)

I've been taking the kids swimming every day trying to get Esther ready for her swim. I've reached to point where I told her she could just hang onto the lane divider floats. The poor girl is really struggling. She is super strong for a seven year old, but she isn't a fan of putting her face in the water.

I also had two kids finish their reading club cards today. I opted NOT to do the read-on boards! Craziness would be how I would describe our family checking in books at the library.

I think Josh had a pretty good birthday today. He was happy to get to swim and really liked opening his presents. I always loved having a summer birthday, and I think he will too. He did accomplish potty training over the last few weeks, for which I am VERY happy!!

Well, I feel just a bit more sane after blogging for a while. Why is that? This has just been an incredibly busy week!
If anyone has a free morning on Saturday (LOL - does anyone have free time anymore?), Hannah starts her race at 8:30 am and Esther starts at 9:45 am. They swim at Kokomo Beach then ride around Foster park, and finally run around the Beach and back into the park. I'm sure they would love a cheering section!

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